media placement

If all of that sounds like a lot of information to be processed all at once it's probably time to consider hiring some professional help.

Reaching Your Target Audience

As a business owner, media buying can be a critical component for success and reaching the intended target audience. There are so many advertising mediums available today that specific steps need to be followed to get to the intended audience.


First, determine who the audience for the product or service is. Do the research and narrow down which media outlet is most likely to reach them. Narrow the media types down to 3 or 5 potentials for media buying. Consider the lowest cost to reach the target group based on cost per 1,000. Determine if it will provide a decent reach and frequency level for the type of media it is. Think about the means of delivery, for example are the people that are targeted outside a lot or commuting then outdoor advertising is something to consider. If they work from their homes or stay at home raising a family, radio or television might be better options. If the business is seasonal, consider lengthy contracts that might run an entire year and if that can be justified.

It is best to start with one type of media placement and then build a multi-media campaign as you go. If you go with multiple things at once it is very hard to really gauge where the leads are coming from and which means of advertising is working best.

Later, after testing the best media options it might be a good time to consider a multi-media campaign. This is a great way to build awareness and work on branding. Cross promoting is very effective.

Type of Buys

There are spot buys where selection of exactly where the ad will appear takes place. This could be during the 5:00 pm news, or during a certain talk show. Also, it could be in a specific section of a newspaper or magazine. Then, rotation buys have more flexibility and can be less expensive since these give the provider a chance to sell the unused inventory. These are normally packaged and sold in a group of spots. This could be a mix of good and not so good spots. Make sure and pay attention to what the cost is and if it is effective for that price. A bunch of bad placement might not be worth it in the end.

Determining the best way to attract clients and get leads can be overwhelming. Rather than go to multiple companies and hear their features and benefits, work with an unbiased media buying agency and be certain that the advertising platform is effective and gets to the proper audience. Visit to get additional information.